My February Favourites

It’s that time of month again. The end of a month and the start of a new one. Is it me or is it going really quickly now? Anyway, what I have been loving this month, that’s what you’re all here for isn’t it?

Hogwarts Legacy

As a Harry Potter fan, there is no way that this wouldn’t be included. It had to be included and not only that but at the very top of the list too. So if you have any form of social media then there is chance you may have heard about the new game Hogwarts Legacy. No spoilers here don’t worry all I’m going to say is that I feel like a kid again, walking round exploring the magical world, running around the corridors of Hogwarts, attending classes! honestly I’m living my dream. Any of my fellow Slytherin’s reading this?

Elf foundation

Now I’m not usually one for foundation as it messes with my dry skin majorly, but, the kind lady in Superdrug actaully gave me some really good advice and I was convinced so I bought my first full coverage foundation which I’m usually terrified of buying but I was advised to mix hyaluronic acid into it too and it has made the world of difference. Now I don’t use foundation everyday, heck I barely wear make up everyday, but when I do want to wear make up I now really enjoy actually sitting there and taking my time and using products I was never able to use before.

My monthly read

This may become a common occurence on my favourites posts this year but I have set myself a goal of reading 1 book a month, with a baby it’s difficult to find the time to do anything so this is realistic for me. My book that I chose this month was Forget Me by Lisa Sherman, I loved this but then again I am very biased towards a thriller genre because it is my favourite genre. I definitely recommend this book.

Nyx eyeliner

Occasionally when I get time I love to do my make up and have a little moment to myself to do my own thing, when doing my make up sometimes I’m known to love a little cat eye so I swear by the Nyx Epic Ink eyeliner so much that I have it in both black and brown. it doesn’t smudge and it is so easy to apply even if you are a beginner with eyeliner!

Vinted finds

I’ve been loving shopping on Vinted lately. With my size constantly fluctuating after having my baby, I have been having to rebuild my entire wardrobe becasue my previous size 10 body isn’t a size 10 anymore so I sold the items that didn’t fit me no more and use the money from that to buy myself new gems that I found while browsing through Vinted. I’m obsessed, and especially in this cost of living crisis that we are facing at the moment it is perfect for me who is constatnly having to budget my spending.

What have you been loving in February?



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