Anxiety Update

As always I have been extremely open on my blog about my anxiety and my mental health, I feel that it’s an important conversation to have. I wanted to share an update since I’ve noticed a difference in my anxiety lately.

Personal relationships in my family have massively affected my anxiety lately, I feel myself getting constantly anxious when a situation rises and all I want is to just run away because it makes me feel so uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel it’s easier to limit conversations at all as I feel less weight on my shoulders when I do, does that make me an awful person or am I just looking after myself so that I have better mental health now that I have my son to look out for.

My partner has been incredibly supportive and always has been since the beginning of our relationship. I am so, so grateful for him. He has lately been encouraging me to go and have some time to myself as I don’t get that much anymore and I do keep forgetting how important me time actually is. I need to really take on board his advice and make sure I do that.

My son is the little boost of serotonin that I need, he always is greeting me with a grin now which makes me feel like the most special mum in the entire world. he is completely unaware of how happy he makes me and how much he completes us. He is our little miracle and I feel so lucky that I am a mum every single day.

I am in a happy place right now despite the little hiccup of family termoil, I have good plans for a future career with my writing and hopefully can fulfill that dream of mine and do something I genuinely love for a job. I do however need to stay focused I get so distracted by negative situations that I forget to stay focused on the many positives that outweigh that negative.

Do more of what makes you happy.



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