Doing More Of What Makes Me Happy

I'm sure you've heard this saying before but I'm serious when I say that I want to do more of what makes me happy. I feel that I've been neglecting that lately and need to seriously give myself a stern talking to for the sake of my mental health. When I was younger I was… Continue reading Doing More Of What Makes Me Happy


Anxiety Update

As always I have been extremely open on my blog about my anxiety and my mental health, I feel that it's an important conversation to have. I wanted to share an update since I've noticed a difference in my anxiety lately. Personal relationships in my family have massively affected my anxiety lately, I feel myself… Continue reading Anxiety Update

Journal Therapy… The Way It Suits You!

In my spare time I have been completing a journal therapy course as much as I do enjoy writing down my feelings when I have an anxious moment, I struggled with keeping up that habit for it to actually make a difference on my mental health. However I have found a love for bullet journaling… Continue reading Journal Therapy… The Way It Suits You!

The Fourth Trimester

The unspoken trimester, the one that people don't pay enough attention to. The most crucial stage of having a baby. It is an emotionally and physically challenging time in a mother's life. Some people are lucky to have the support that they need in their homes others aren't so lucky and have only themselves to… Continue reading The Fourth Trimester

The Third Trimester

Pregnancy. It's a hell of a journey, I'll tell you that for free! If I had to pick, the third trimester was the hardest yet, despite the first trimester being full of morning sickness and at the time the worst moment of pregnancy, I definitely didn't know what I was in for when it came… Continue reading The Third Trimester

How I Cope With A Bad Mental Health Day

Mental health. I have my ups and I have my downs, and when the down days hit I tend to go to one of my 3 methods to help either distract me or educate me. I have noticed that my mental health has changed throughout my pregnancy you can read about my journey of mental… Continue reading How I Cope With A Bad Mental Health Day

How To Cope With Change

Change. It can be very scary, especially when you suffer with anxiety and like the routine that you are in, being able to cope with change can become the toughest obstacle course to overcome. Recently I've had a big change in my life, and no I'm not talking about my pregnancy although yes that is… Continue reading How To Cope With Change

The Second Trimester

Hello you gorgeous bunch, Now that I’ve entered my third trimester of pregnancy, I want to talk to you about my experience of the second trimester. I’ve already covered the first trimester in this blog post. Symptoms Headaches. When I tell you my headaches were bad, I really mean it. They started when I was… Continue reading The Second Trimester

Mental Health In Pregnancy

Mental health has been a wild journey for me, a ton of ups and downs and now even more so with all the hormones that come with pregnancy. It's something that I didn't expect to affect me so badly as I have suffered with my own mental health journey for so many years now that… Continue reading Mental Health In Pregnancy

‘Likes’ Don’t Define You

Social media is a big part of everyday life, people post the best bits of their day to tell their friends or if it’s even to keep it for memories later on in life, whether that would be in the form of a vlog, or a blog post or a picture on Instagram. Today’s generation… Continue reading ‘Likes’ Don’t Define You