My Current Favourites

Hello loves, it's been a while since I shared what I've been loving recently, and I feel like I needed to do an updated version. Let me know what you've been loving in the comments! Podcasts I never really listened to podcasts before I can't tell you why, I didn't really have a reason but… Continue reading My Current Favourites

Why I’m Not Doing Blogmas This Year

Hello loves! You can probably tell by the title but I'm not doing blogmas this year. If you don't know then blogmas is where you post every day in December, some bloggers do it differently but that's the basic idea. If you've read my other┬ápost┬áthen you would know that I got a job recently, and… Continue reading Why I’m Not Doing Blogmas This Year

Staple Wardrobe Pieces For Autumn

Before I start, I just want to clarify I am not working for or with any of the companies mentioned in this post, I am only sharing my love for Autumn fashion in the hope that others will love it too. Autumn is officially here, and it's the perfect season for layers *insert Shrek quote here* I'm not really one for bold… Continue reading Staple Wardrobe Pieces For Autumn

Everyday Make Up On A Budget

I'm no make up artist, I'm no professional whatsoever, I can barely do a simple smokey eye look correctly which is why I usually stick to the natural look. I have attempted a full on glam look before and sometimes it works out however most times it looks like I've been punched in the eye.… Continue reading Everyday Make Up On A Budget

Shopping And Italian Food

Hello you lovely lot, last weekend I went down to Portsmouth to see my dad and it's safe to say it was a great weekend, on the Saturday we had a BBQ and cooked pork in the smoker which tasted lush, Chuck a couple of chicken wings, burgers and sausages into the mix and it… Continue reading Shopping And Italian Food