Winter Walks

Since the third of December I haven't been apart from my baby and he's 7 weeks old, will be 8 weeks tomorrow. I needed to take that step in going out without him and my other half needed to have him on his own for the first time too, so I did it I went… Continue reading Winter Walks


Lollipop Beach Huts

Living near the sea has its benefits, even when it's cold it's blissful to walk along the seafront, listening to the seagulls and the waves crashing into each other. Do you remember when you were younger and you used to put a sea shell to your ear to hear the ocean? Even if it was… Continue reading Lollipop Beach Huts

Introducing Me…

Hello, I'm Bethany. Just a quick introduction as to who I am... I started this blog as I have a passion for writing and I enjoy sharing my adventures and hobbies with other people, giving others an insight into my somewhat interesting life. I love photography, it's not a career I have, this is only… Continue reading Introducing Me…