What Has My Anxiety Taught Me?

Hello Lovelies! I believe that my anxiety has taught me lots of things. I’ve had anxiety since I was a teenager, I’m now 24, I’ve grown up with a slightly rocky journey with anxiety, one minute I think that I can handle it the next minute I feel completely out of control. One of the… Continue reading What Has My Anxiety Taught Me?

Writer’s Block And What To Do

Hello lovelies! In my previous post I mentioned that I had a bit of writer's block and I wasn't coming up with any original ideas but then it hit me, let me write a post about it (I know, ironic right?) I wanted to write down some ideas I feel would help with writer's block.… Continue reading Writer’s Block And What To Do

10 Things To Do When Feeling Stressed

I'm sure recently with everything changing, lockdown easing and with everything starting to get back to reality almost, everyone can get stressed, I sure am. I feel like I want to be able to accomplish everything that I've wanted to do this year all at once knowing that the past 3-4 months have been put… Continue reading 10 Things To Do When Feeling Stressed

It’s OK To Not Have It All Figured Out

Recently I've been feeling a lot of pressure from society, at the age of 23 I feel like I should have a place of my own, a family and a good career, but in reality I'm the complete opposite and I hate it, or at least I did hate it. I'm sure you can understand… Continue reading It’s OK To Not Have It All Figured Out

Social Media Pressure

Perfect homes, dream wardrobe, endless money, amazing car and a collection of shoes to make Kylie Jenner jealous, then there's me holding onto the last hair tie on my wrist like my life depends on it. How is it social media manages to make me feel so much pressure when I know that what I… Continue reading Social Media Pressure

My Self-Care Tips For Tough Days

It's mental health awareness week, and considering I do write about my own personal journey with mental health I couldn't think of anything to write about, all I could keep thinking about was my emotions this past week. For some reason I've been feeling extremely anxious and very upset, I genuinely don't know why however,… Continue reading My Self-Care Tips For Tough Days

How Can I Love Myself More?

That's a big question, I know it has different answers for different people, it's one of those questions where the answers aren't all the same. Loving myself can mean, the way I look, to the state of my mental health, and everything in-between. Photo by James Lindsay on Unsplash Do I love myself now? Kind… Continue reading How Can I Love Myself More?

My Hypnotherapy Experience

I've mentioned on my blog before about my Hypnotherapy treatment I had for my anxiety, but I realised that I never actually went in depth about, it and I know some people don't really understand what happens in a session, so I thought I'd write about one of my sessions. Let you all into the… Continue reading My Hypnotherapy Experience