Doing More Of What Makes Me Happy

I'm sure you've heard this saying before but I'm serious when I say that I want to do more of what makes me happy. I feel that I've been neglecting that lately and need to seriously give myself a stern talking to for the sake of my mental health. When I was younger I was… Continue reading Doing More Of What Makes Me Happy


Anxiety Update

As always I have been extremely open on my blog about my anxiety and my mental health, I feel that it's an important conversation to have. I wanted to share an update since I've noticed a difference in my anxiety lately. Personal relationships in my family have massively affected my anxiety lately, I feel myself… Continue reading Anxiety Update

Yours Sincerely, 2022.

I wrote a letter to myself from last year, with a website called Future Me, it sends you your letter that you wrote in an email to you in the time frame that you requested. It was my first time doing it last year, and I genuinely forgot what I wrote to myself so reading… Continue reading Yours Sincerely, 2022.

What I’m Doing More Of In February

We all swear that we will stick by our New Year's resolutions, but realistically by the middle of January I've already ditched about 2 or 3 of my goals that I swore I'd stick by. Some people really do have the life together and sticks to what they said they were going to do, I'm… Continue reading What I’m Doing More Of In February

My January Favourites

January, what feels like the longest month of the year. I have been through every single emotion going in January. My Anxiety said a huge hello to me a few more times than I would've liked in January. But I ploughed through it, my poor boyfriend defintely had a hard time but he is a… Continue reading My January Favourites

5 Tips For Maximum Productivity

Colder months are setting in, that means, darker mornings and evenings go darker quicker, the days are short and you just feel like you don't have enough time in the day to do everything you need to get done, but not only that, you also may not feel as productive during this time of year,… Continue reading 5 Tips For Maximum Productivity

How To Cope With Change

Change. It can be very scary, especially when you suffer with anxiety and like the routine that you are in, being able to cope with change can become the toughest obstacle course to overcome. Recently I've had a big change in my life, and no I'm not talking about my pregnancy although yes that is… Continue reading How To Cope With Change

Is It Too Early For Christmas?

Recently I was invited to my first ever launch event, when someone reached out to me through my blog, and I was excited to see that despite it being a small event and only baby steps it's nice to see that I'm progressing with my blog the way I want to even if the engagement… Continue reading Is It Too Early For Christmas?

My Maternity Fashion Faves

Maternity fashion can be difficult, you want to dress so that you feel comfortable but still look and feel confident in what you are wearing. Nowadays there are plenty more options for expectant mothers and what we can wear and I want to share with you some of my faves that I've been loving lately.… Continue reading My Maternity Fashion Faves