Things I’ve been loving

So lockdown has given me an opportunity to try things I haven't yet, or start books I never had the time to read, cook new recipes which I've succeeded and failed at (life is about learning...) I've definitely snacked too much and watched so much Netflix and Disney that I've run out of new things… Continue reading Things I’ve been loving


Why Mummy Swears, Book Review

I don't really get time to read as often as I'd like, but I have just finished reading this book written by Gill Sims, it's called Why Mummy Swears. A book like this I feel would honestly make the most funniest comedy movie ever as it's so relatable. The first time I started reading this… Continue reading Why Mummy Swears, Book Review

You’re A Wizard Harry!

Welcome to Hogwarts! Holy Hufflepuff I went to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, yes it was incredible! This post is going to be full of Butterbeer, wands, cloaks, and earwax flavoured jellybeans. I’m currently sat writing this post drinking tea out of my Slytherin mug. Slytherin represent! I’ve waited years for my letter to… Continue reading You’re A Wizard Harry!

July Favourites

Hello again! Welcome back to another favourites post. Honestly, how is it August already? This year has gone by so quick! Before we know it we will be preparing for Christmas… Okay let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. How have you all been doing? What have you got up to? Tell me in the… Continue reading July Favourites

May Favourites

Here we are with another monthly favourites. This month wasn’t the best so I don’t really have much to put in my favourites apart from the inspiration from my holiday this month. So let's get stuck in. First thing for my favourites in May is a new body lotion that I tried as I do… Continue reading May Favourites

Book Review: Friend Request

Hello readers, how are we all? I wanted to start doing book reviews on my blog. As well as writing, I also like to read in my spare time, I particularly love crime novels. However there is the odd book that can be completely different that I will fall in love with. I just love… Continue reading Book Review: Friend Request

April Favourites!

Hello again! I wanted to start a monthly post on my blog where I share my favourite things of the month. Whether that would be Netflix series and films, beauty products, health products, hobbies, places I’ve been to, books. I want to share all this with you, what’s the point of enjoying it myself when… Continue reading April Favourites!

Travel Essentials

It’s coming up to holiday season, soon everyone will be grabbing their suitcase and going on holiday whether it would be staying in their home country or going abroad. Next month I’m going abroad to the incredible Spanish island, Majorca. I’ve planned and prepared everything I need but one thing I wanted to share is… Continue reading Travel Essentials