My Top 3 Beauty Must-Haves!

I'm no professional in the world of make up, but I do have my favourites that haven't failed me and I use them day in and day out, and I want to share those 3 favourites with you today! Maybelline mascara I am yet to find a mascara as good as this one, this is… Continue reading My Top 3 Beauty Must-Haves!


Things I’ve been loving

So lockdown has given me an opportunity to try things I haven't yet, or start books I never had the time to read, cook new recipes which I've succeeded and failed at (life is about learning...) I've definitely snacked too much and watched so much Netflix and Disney that I've run out of new things… Continue reading Things I’ve been loving

April Favourites!

Hello again! I wanted to start a monthly post on my blog where I share my favourite things of the month. Whether that would be Netflix series and films, beauty products, health products, hobbies, places I’ve been to, books. I want to share all this with you, what’s the point of enjoying it myself when… Continue reading April Favourites!