Shopping And Italian Food

Hello you lovely lot, last weekend I went down to Portsmouth to see my dad and it's safe to say it was a great weekend, on the Saturday we had a BBQ and cooked pork in the smoker which tasted lush, Chuck a couple of chicken wings, burgers and sausages into the mix and it… Continue reading Shopping And Italian Food


October Favourites (kind of)

Hello everyone, it has been a while but I’m back, I’m taking things easy but I’m okay, I’ve been under a lot of emotional stress lately and had to take some time out but I think I’m finding my feet again, I want to get back into my writing because at the moment it’s the… Continue reading October Favourites (kind of)

September Favourites & An Update

Hello you lovely lot! It’s been a while I know I’ve been mega busy, I want to chuck in an update along with my September favourites, as always I’ve been on a budget so like the last favourites post I haven’t been able to venture out and try new stuff but however I have two… Continue reading September Favourites & An Update