I Went For My First Run

last week I went for my first run, I have said to myself for ages to get started and never did. My anxiety was holding me back, looking back, after achieving my first run, I don't know what I was so worried about but, I'm so glad I got over that obstacle. One of the… Continue reading I Went For My First Run

My Self-Care Tips For Tough Days

It's mental health awareness week, and considering I do write about my own personal journey with mental health I couldn't think of anything to write about, all I could keep thinking about was my emotions this past week. For some reason I've been feeling extremely anxious and very upset, I genuinely don't know why however,… Continue reading My Self-Care Tips For Tough Days

How Can I Love Myself More?

That's a big question, I know it has different answers for different people, it's one of those questions where the answers aren't all the same. Loving myself can mean, the way I look, to the state of my mental health, and everything in-between. Photo by James Lindsay on Unsplash Do I love myself now? Kind… Continue reading How Can I Love Myself More?

What Does Confidence Mean To Me?

Confidence, it's a strong word and a word that usually I wouldn't use when referring to myself. Being confident is always something I never really was, over time I would say I have got more confident but I am still quite a shy person. You wouldn't see me standing up in front of a crowd… Continue reading What Does Confidence Mean To Me?

My Hypnotherapy Experience

I've mentioned on my blog before about my Hypnotherapy treatment I had for my anxiety, but I realised that I never actually went in depth about, it and I know some people don't really understand what happens in a session, so I thought I'd write about one of my sessions. Let you all into the… Continue reading My Hypnotherapy Experience

Why I Started Blogging…

Hello lovelies! I'll be honest, with having to staying indoors all the time I'm having a bit of writers block. Now I know this isn't an original idea, tons of bloggers have done it before, but I think it will be beneficial for me to write out what I feel and actually see how much… Continue reading Why I Started Blogging…

Knowing My Anxiety

After a while you get to know your mind very well, probably too well in fact. You get the chance to recognise the signs of a panic attack, you understand how to react when your anxiety levels rise. But others don’t recognise the signs that quickly, they are still understanding their own mind. It takes… Continue reading Knowing My Anxiety

My Evening Of Self Care

Recently I had one of those moments where I sat down and just stared at the four walls around me and wondered why I felt down, there was no reason that day for me to be upset, I had a good day, I got my nails done, met up with friends but evening came and… Continue reading My Evening Of Self Care

Hello 2020!

Hello, I know it’s been a minute hasn’t it? Well I’m back! Happy new year everyone! It’s 2020 and do you know what that means? It’s the year for Blogger Beth, yes, watch this blog smash it this year! I’ve got two major goals I want to hit this year, one being my driving, I… Continue reading Hello 2020!

A New Start

Hello again, it’s me, I have some exciting news! I recently got a new job and will soon be quitting my retail job, which is very bittersweet, I’ll be honest I will definitely miss the people that I work with, they are such amazing friends and not working with them everyday is going to be… Continue reading A New Start