The Joker

Hello everyone, as I said in my September Favourites post, I wanted to post a movie review of The Joker, I don't usually do movie reviews and I'll be honest this won't be really in depth about the movie itself as to avoid spoilers, but it's more of me explaining my reaction to watching it.… Continue reading The Joker


Les Misérables & A Quirky Outfit

Hello readers, as promised I wanted to do a post about my trip to Hyde park. Recently I went on a day out to Hyde Park for a music event called Proms In The Park. It is an event to celebrate the last night of the proms which is a classical music event. However in… Continue reading Les Misérables & A Quirky Outfit

Social Media and Mental Health

Clicking, scrolling, posting, liking, in this modern world social media is everywhere. Websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are so popular it seems to take over everything in life, what becomes more important? How do we find the perfect balance between reality and the digital world? How badly can the consequences of social media damage… Continue reading Social Media and Mental Health