Dear Anxiety, I’ve Got Something To Say, Again…

Dear Anxiety, It's been over a year now since I last wrote you a letter, I saw you a lot back then didn't I? I've seen you occasionally since but thankfully not so much. You do still have a habit of saying hi at the most inconvenient time, you should work on that… We don’t… Continue reading Dear Anxiety, I’ve Got Something To Say, Again…


Anxiety, A Poem

The streets are empty yet suddenly so loud. Like an audience cheering with no sound coming out. Everyone is staring but I’m the only one here. My mind is racing and I’m frozen in fear. My mouth is moving yet I cannot speak. Asking for help they might think I’m weak. Hours have passed my… Continue reading Anxiety, A Poem

Knowing My Anxiety

After a while you get to know your mind very well, probably too well in fact. You get the chance to recognise the signs of a panic attack, you understand how to react when your anxiety levels rise. But others don’t recognise the signs that quickly, they are still understanding their own mind. It takes… Continue reading Knowing My Anxiety