The Third Trimester

Pregnancy. It's a hell of a journey, I'll tell you that for free! If I had to pick, the third trimester was the hardest yet, despite the first trimester being full of morning sickness and at the time the worst moment of pregnancy, I definitely didn't know what I was in for when it came… Continue reading The Third Trimester


The Second Trimester

Hello you gorgeous bunch, Now that I’ve entered my third trimester of pregnancy, I want to talk to you about my experience of the second trimester. I’ve already covered the first trimester in this blog post. Symptoms Headaches. When I tell you my headaches were bad, I really mean it. They started when I was… Continue reading The Second Trimester

The First Trimester… Surprise!

It’s been a while but for very good reason, and you’ve probably figured out by now why that is if you’ve read the title to this post…. Surprise! I’m pregnant! I’m not sure how much I’m going to document on my blog regarding pregnancy, I won’t be one of those mum bloggers hats off to… Continue reading The First Trimester… Surprise!